Tonight we had a very unconventional Thanksgiving Dinner. The food was traditional but the atmosphere wasn’t exactly your warm cozy house, with all your family gathered around. We were a group of health care workers, nurses, doctors, housekeepers, getting together to share the holiday. Not our “Real” families but our work family. It was very pleasant. We all said, what we were thankful for and ate a great meal together. Everybody brought something.

We had turkey, stuffing, sweet potaotes, mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade rolls, cranberry relish, shrimp salad, rice salad, Brussels sprout salad (just posted the recipe) and Lemon bars and Apple Cranberry pie.
I made the pie from a recipe from Fine Cooking Magazine.  It used a technique, to make the crust,  using your fingers to break up the butter and European Butter instead of regular, unsalted butter. It was a great pie. Of course the Lemon Bars were great.  I will upload the pie recipe tomorrow. Yum…. Whats next?? Any suggestions?


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