Spaghetti With Pecorino Romano and Black Pepper (Cacio E Pepe)

I came home late one night from a very busy night of delivering babies and I was hungry but too tired to cook anything huge.  I knew I wanted pasta. I had some jarred sauce, but unless I was starving that was not going to do! I remembered seeing this recipe online from Cooks Illustrated. I dug it out of my file and whipped it up, and I mean mean whipped!  It was soooo easy to make and very, very tasty!! (Cheap too) I didn’t realize there was a difference between American Romano Cheese and imported Pecorino Romano, I had both in my fridge and the recipe is correct, the domestic one tasted bland. So by all means use Imported Pecorino Romano cheese. Also be sure to use a Microplane Zester-Grater I use it for everything. This is one of my most used tools, besides a whisk and spoon.

Knowing this recipe came from Cooks Illustrated, you know it was tested, to make it perfect. Recipe for Spaghetti with Pecorino Romano and Black Pepper


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  1. That looks so simple and delicious! Only question is you came home late and tired and you took the time to take that pic?

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